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The new bonfire from Dancook is a natural gathering point for the whole family. You can barbecue and have fireside cosiness all at the same time. You can use the bonfire with both wood and charcoal. The bonfire is very safe for children - Both due to height and because the edges of the bonfire do not get warm. The bonfire is made out of stainless steel. The cooking grid for the bonfire is made out of 6 mm chromium-plated steel, which makes for a better distribution of the heat. The bonfire is a cosier alternative to a terrace heater and is easy to move around.


Art.no. 110 000







Revolving holder

Stainless steel


Art.no. 110 100


Stainless steel


Art.no. 110 102



Stainless steel


Art.no. 110 101




Art.no. 110 103








Stainless steel


Art.no. 120 018









Art.no. 120 121




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